We all are so grateful when you choose Glen Eden for your holiday - here is why

When you are choosing to holiday at Glen Eden Beach Resort on the Sunshine Coast @ Peregian Beach your impact on the community and on the economy is huge.

First of all the townhouses at the resort are owned by families who has chosen to invest buying a holiday unit in the complex. Than they had to furnish it and refurbish it regularly to keep it up to our guests - your - expectation. In the process of doing all these the bank, the real estate agents the builders the suppliers the tradies the advertising companies were involved. A big thank you from them to you for supporting their investment and their children's future.

After the unit is ready for your arrival as a guest we engage the linen company - owned by locals - to provide crisp and clean sheets and towels for you. Two local companies are providing the room amenities like shampoos and soaps and kitchen chucks etc. We use sustainable and green products to use. Our toilet paper is coming form the company of Who gives a crap - they send parts of their profits to charity.

Our cleaners are local people working hard to get the place ready for your arrival with love and care. All our cleaning products and equipment are supplied by local businesses.

When you are here you go out to the local shops to buy your groceries and eat in cafes and restaurants and you buy some presents for yourself or loved ones in the bouitque shops that offer locally made products too your purchases sustain those businesses.

You choose to go on an adventure tour - that is all operated by local families so they can live and serve you and others next time.

You jump on the bus - you support our local council and save the environment at the same time.

Second last is that Glen Eden Holiday Beach Resort is operated by a husband and wife team who work 24/7 behind the scenes to make sure that you have the best holiday you can imagine. Craig does all the gardening - with a help of our lawn mower contractor - carefully cares for all the plants and makes sure the green is green all year around. Zsofi makes sure that all ground and houses are clean for your arrival and all the common areas. You are supporting our family here and all the businesses that we engage with.

Lastly and this is the most important impact that you have is when you are happy and relaxed and having a great time you raise the vibration of the whole planet and we are all benefiting from that. One happy and joyful heart makes 700 000 hearts happy.

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