Swimming @ Glen Eden Beach Resort and at the front in the sea

Glen Eden Beach Resort @ Peregian Beach Sunshine Coast has a heated swimming pool and a kids wading pool. The chlorine levels are minimal therefore it wont' hurt your child's eye nor would ruin your swimsuits. In winter it is around 29 degrees Celsius and summer around 26 so you can cool a bit down in the heat.

The spa has magnesium in it that is perfect to sooth your aching muscles and your nervous system. Your kids will have a better night sleep too. It is around 39-40 degrees Celsius.

The Coral Sea is hugging the shores of the Sunshine Coast and is right in front of the resort - no need to cross the roads just a short stroll away through the sand dunes.

Every summer weekend and during all Queensland school holiday times there is a surf life saver right in front of the resort from 8:30am till 4:30pm. The sea is normally calm with small to medium waves. You are able to swim past the wave lines.

Great for surfing and when the wind picks up great spot for kite surfers too.

There are no dangerous sea creatures here - we occasionally have some blue bottle jellyfish - their sting is not very painful and just jumping in the spa or with splash of vinegar you are good to go back to swim again. Yes we always have vinegar on hand at our office.

We also have free body boards and beach umbrellas and toys that you can take with you to the beach. Forgot your beach towel? Not a problem you can hire them too along with a surfboard.

If you would like to learn to surf we recommend to book a lesson or two with Coolum Surf School - they also have holiday kids programs too. or

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