"Camel Cuddles"

Wow...I never thought that was possible especially not in Australia on the Sunshine Coast...cuddling camels...what is that about?!

I came across an article by Elaine on the weekendnotes - please click on the link as her words explains it all - on this website here:

The farm is located at the Glass House Mountains which is a short drive away from our resort. Bookings are essential as they have limited places and times during each month. It is a great outing for the whole family or for couple to reconnect with nature and to spark up their relationship in a totally different setup.

To make a booking please go here:

They also make camel product that are edible like cheese and milk - the milk tastes similar to cows milk just much more creamier and thicker.

They make a wide range of skincare products too. More about it here:

I believe it worth a visit to get some extra cuddle time that we all crave these days and to open our heart to different experiences on the Sunshine Coast.

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